About us


It is a construction company, both civil and private; our area of ​​work is in the provinces of Girona and Barcelona.

In addition, the company has a fleet of important machinery, which allows it to carry out any type of earthworks, demolition, stone walls (rockery) and reinforced earth walls, housing construction from the structure to the delivery of keys, reforms comprehensive or partial, public transport service and crane service ... We carry out all kinds of projects for individuals, companies and public entities.

We have a mobile waste recycling and aggregate classification plant. Having our own recycling plant allows us to provide a comprehensive service for the sale of recycled aggregates, making possible 90% of the recycling of waste from the works in which we work.

Company Philosophy

The main goal is quality in its construction and customer satisfaction.
Given the experience gained in more to 50 years of this company, we offer a service to society in a serious, efficient and accountable, as well as warranty and maintenance excellent.

The company Mirfer SA has a human and technical team with enormous potential, provided to the client to realize their projects with the highest quality, quickly and safely.


Company works contractor

The classification achieved by Mirfer,S.A. obtar allows the execution of major projects and contracts for maintenance or operation of services.


Company History  View information

  • In 1985, deposit of 5000 m3 of Palau in Girona
  • In 1985, deposit of 5000 m3 of Palau in Girona
  • In 1985, deposit of 5000 m3 of Palau in Girona
  • In 1985, deposit of 5000 m3 of Palau in Girona
  • In 1985, deposit of 5000 m3 of Palau in Girona
  • In 1985, deposit of 5000 m3 of Palau in Girona
  • In 1985, deposit of 5000 m3 of Palau in Girona
  • In 1985, deposit of 5000 m3 of Palau in Girona

Mirfer SA was founded by Mr. Josep Maria Mir Sais in 1970. It was incorporated as a limited company in 1988.
Initially, the company was engaged in reforms for small and home construction. In 1971 he began working for the water company in Sant Feliu de Guixols and Platja d'Aro (present company AQUALIA) which still work after 40 years. Due to this customer bought the first backhoe to give good service.
In the late 80s the company specialized in the construction of water tanks, running some 100 works of this kind.

Since 1990 the company won the business classification in public works and water works was introduced in the market for public works.


In late 1993 the company restructured its organization and began to diversify in their projects to coincide with the entry in the company of the sons of Mr. Mir. (Currently directors of the company)

Since then the company expanded significantly in the business classification in public works and the fleet of machinery. Becoming currently one of the leading companies in the business classification and machinery in the province of Girona.

In 2005 he opened a new stage in the company, the incorporation of the company Promir Habitatges S.L. which offers another area of ​​business is real estate. So right now the company has two major business areas of construction and real estate.


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